The Truth About Corn In Dog Food

Corn is not a filler – it actually is full of nutrients, particularly linoleic acid, protein and fibre.

Corn is nutrient dense and actually one of the best sources of linoleic (an essential fatty acid) which is good for skin and the immune system.

Corn is NOT indigestible – it’s around 85% dry matter digestible, which is higher than other grains such as rice and wheat. Corn is only difficult to digest when in its whole form, not milled as it is in pet food. Rice for example is 83.9% digestable and wheat is 83.5% digestable.

Corn is not a common allergen – it is very rare, so rare in fact that maize starch & corn flours are used in some hypoallergenic & hydrolysed diets because they have so much research showing they rarely cause allergies. Even other rare allergens like wheat and soy are more common than corn!

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